Bipolar/FET/Diode Single Head Test System

3400E: Single Test Head System for 2, 3, 4+ Lead Devices
3401E: Single Test Head System optimized for 2 Lead Devices
3402E: Dual 3400 Systems in One Rack
3403E: Dual 3401 Systems in One Rack


Performs DC, AC, and pulsed tests
Excels at evaluating difficult to measure parameters on zeners, current limiters, varactor tuning diodes, darlingtons and matched dual transistors
24 bin opto-isolated handler/prober interface
Parallel first-in first out computer to tester interface for maximum throughput
Parallel testing with a 3402E or 3403E allows shared test execution for extremely high throughput applications when interfaced to high speed handlers with multiple test sites
Multi-user Pentium class computer with monitor and keyboard. Printers and additional serial consoles are optional
Test capabilities can be expanded with various remote station and interface options