FETservice Products


FETservice  product line  provides solutions for automatic testing of discrete semiconductors. We have a large installed base of units operating all over the world, and have developed a reputation for the quality, reliability and performance of these systems. The approach we have adopted for testing discrete semiconductors is modular which maximises productivity and minimises cost.

Our current product lines include the:

  • 34XX series of single head component testers.
  • 36XX series of dual head component testers.
  • IFXX series of handler/prober interfaces.

For inspection, characterisation, and other high-mix, low-volume environments, the 340XX single test head system is ideal. For higher volume applications, the dual head 360XX series is appropriate. Both types of systems provide a small footprint, PC-driven solution for production test.

Either system can interface with a wide variety of probers and handlers via the IFXX interfaces. Options for these interfaces include lead switching, capacitance testing, and interfacing for multiple device packages.